The Venice Drum Circle

Project Description

The Venice Drum Circle

Day or night, Venice attracts some of the brightest personalities and rawest live entertainment in the Los Angeles area. The infamous yet unofficial Drum Circle that takes place on the beach every Saturday and Sunday is one such spectacle.  Join locals and visitors from all around the world to enjoy the music and dancing of hundreds of performers who bring their  drums, shakers, congas and percussions to jam with reckless abandon.  The action starts at noon at the intersection of Brooks Avenue and Ocean Front Walk and continues well after darkness.  If you’re craving unscripted, uninhibited and unreal entertainment, this Venice-esque experience is not to be missed.

If you are in Venice on a weekend day, stick around even after the sun goes down, because at the end of Brooks Ave. on the beach, hundreds of people gather with their drums, shakers, congas, percussions and their dancing feet. If you can’t find Brooks Ave, just listen and you will hear their beats. This gathering of different types of people from different parts of the world drumming, dancing, getting into the zone and feeding off other people’s energies is a must thing to do while in Venice. Visit the Drum Circle!

ABOUT: The Drum Circle forms on the beach directly in front of where Brooks avenue meets Ocean Front Walk. Though it is not an official event, it happens like clockwork every Sat. and Sun, usually beginning around noon and lasting well into the darkness. Free spirits and serious percussionists alike, bring drums of all shapes and sizes to this improvisational jam on the sand. People from all over the world come to attend the famous festivities, dancing, chanting and banging out the communal song that is the Venice Drum Circle.

Admission Fee: Free
Address: 998 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

Who Can Participate: Anyone. All ages.

Location: By the beach at the end of the Venice Beach Boardwalk and Brooks Ave.