Abbot Kinney once asked, “where is the beer?” Well, in honor of our great city’s founder, I am going to answer that question. First let me say, not all bars are created equal, so I will bestow upon you, my merry reader, some tips on brew spots in Venice, and a beer of choice for each.

Danny’s Deli- locally brewed Angel City Stout weighs in at 10% ABV and during happy hour is only $4 a pint on draft. An awesome buzz at a tasty price. Good for Danny’s for supporting local business.

Trip- It is hard to pick one of beer amongst Trip’s ridiculous selection of finely crafted beverages. However, Green Light Brewery’s West Coast IPA is hoppy, bitter, on draft and packs a wallop at 7.2% ABV. This has got to be one of the best taps in Venice. Also, $2 PBR. The owner, John is a connoisseur of fine beer and is usually on hand to educate the novice and journey man alike.

Venice Beach Wines ->Venice Beach Wines carries the entire Stone Brewery line, which are all great. We are going to have to go with the Russian Imperial Stout. Slam a 22 and see how you feel. In addition, they carry many boutique beers from some of the world’s finest, including Racer 5 IPA.

The Garter- $3 Tecate, enough said.

The Townhouse – This long-time Venice hang has its own signature brew. Crisp, refreshing and only available at the Townhouse.

The Air Conditioned – Fat Tire Ale on draft during happy hour is beverage of choice at the AC. Not only is the brew kick-ass, the brewery is 100% wind powered. Be eco-friendly and slam a Fat Tire.

James Beach – A brand new draft system featuring the gold standard Sierra Nevada is the maestro’s pour at this beautiful peoples hang.

The Canal Club – Half price drafts on Monday. Six taps, including Hemp Ale. Now that is stony! and it is hard to go wrong with stony.

La Cabana – $2 Dos –Equis drafts on Thirsty Thursday is a hard deal to beat.

O’Brien’s- Stone IPA rules!!! Any hop head from here to Hawaii knows this. Now O’Brien’s has it on draft for only $5 a pint during happy hour. Yes they have a lot of great taps and bottles, but come on, have you tasted Stone IPA? It is the nectar of the Gods!! and O’Brien’s has it!!

Bar Copa – The chicks here are so hot that any beer I drink here reminds of how good beer is in general. Seriously, this place has a killer vibe and a great looking crowd. It is one of those places that just makes you glad to be alive and drinking brew. So, drink up!

Main on Main-Okay, when I am at Main on Main I am usually tearing up the dance floor with some of the super fine honeys that frequent this spot. So, this means I do not want to fill up, or get too smashed. Henceforth, when I am at Main on Main, I drink Amstel Light. That is right! Do not laugh. I said Amstel and I meant it. The reason I choose Amstel as opposed to something made closer to home is as follows: Unlike the American, Mexican and Canadian mass produced light beer, the Dutch( and Germans) do not put any chemicals into their brew. That is right, our European counter-parts have a purity law that forbids anything but hops, water, barley and malt. Unfortunately, north American companies have no such regulation. This means that they are free to put formaldeyde into your brew. And they do. Seriously, they do. So, educate yourself and remember: pure beer=good, formaldehyde beer=bad.

Well Folks, that is all for this edition of the Beer Guide to Venice, I hope you enjoyed it!

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