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Alex here bringing you the inside tips on where to find cheap drinks and cocktails in Venice California.

Everybody likes to have a tasty beverage and to not go broke doing it. Sure, happy hours rule,  but what if you want to batch a cuzz and it does not happen to be during the hour of happiness?  Well, dear reader, I will impart some valuable information upon thee in regards to said dilemma.  There are some very cool spots in our town that have great drink special not during happy hour.

La Cabana shreds!!! 738 Rose Ave., Venice, CA

Everyone in Venice who is not in AA should know about LC’s daily promotions.  They read like an alcoholic’s wish-list. he he he, Just kidding Bill W. Here are a few of there all day long deals: Mon.- $4 house margarita’s, Thurs.-$2 Tecate-, Friday- $5 Patron shots.

Trip- 2101 Lincoln., Santa Monica, CA

Though not technically in Venice, this place is so cool that I had to include it. Club Trip is open at 11:00 a.m. everyday and has $2 pints of Bud Light all day long.  As well, they have live music every night.  So, you can go in for lunch, pound some brews and end up staying around to hear some bands.  Sounds like a good day!

Nikki’s –  72 Market., Venice, CA

This one takes a little planning.  First, get yourself a hard copy of the Venice Paparazzi “Local Deals” card.  Next,  get on over to Nikki’s and show it to the bartender.  With the VP Local Deals card, Nikki’s offers two for one, well wine and draft during non-happy hour hours.  What a cool card, and what a cool bar!  Right on Kevin!

Hotel Erwin’s High-  1697 Pacific., Venice, CA

Here is a sweet one.  Go to Erwin’s killer rooftop lounge–they have great appetizers, drinks (Mimosa’s, Bloody Mary’s and Beer) plus an incredible view of Venice.  WOW!!!  Mmmmmm, thirsty!

Sidewalk Cafe- 1401 Oceanfront., Venice, CA

Okay all you night owls, here it is.  The SW has the sic action on Fri. and Sat. night.  So, if you find yourself parched after 11:00 p.m. and near the boardwalk, then hit up sidewalk and enjoy: $8 pitchers and $2.50 pints of Bud products, $3 well drink, $4 Margaritas and $5 shots of Jack, Stoli and Herrradura.  Now that is a recipe for a disaster… oohhh yeeaaahhh!  Enjoy.

O’Brien’s- 2941 Main Street., Santa Monica, CA

Okay, all I have to say is $5 pints of Stone IPA, all day every day.  Now, $5 a pint might not seem like a super extraordinary deal, unless, that is, it is Stone IPA.  One Stone is easily worth two regular brews.  So, that is really like two pints for $5, and that is a great deal.  Stone rules!!

Danny’s- 23 Windward Ave., Venice, CA

As long as we are talking about wicked pints for $5, then we must mention that Danny’s sells Los Angeles’ own Angel City Stout, which is 10% ABV for $5 all day, everyday.  Another case of the old one pint gets you more smashed than two.  And it is locally brewed, so it is eco-friendly.  Who knew environmentalism was so much fun.

Well there you have it reader, the inside line on inexpensive drinks during non-happy hour hours.  As always, use this information wisely, catch a buzz,and I will see you around.


Let us know where to find cheap drinks in the neighborhood!

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