Venice Pier area/Washington Square: The southern end of Venice is home to the Venice Pier and an upscale area known to locals as Washington Square. The crowds are good looking and the party is steady. The Square is home to a wide variety of eating and drinking options.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE BEST: (For more information on the following hots pots, click on it. )

1. Killer burger for about $6: Hinanoʼs, definitley a legend among locals.
2. Awesome Italian food: C & O Trattoria, not cheap, but not too expensive and the plates are huge and the wait staff sings.
3. Late night/Healthy/Inexpensive: Gabyʼs rules! Mediterranean cuisine, open late and around $7 an entree.
4. Great coffee/smoothies/wraps: The Cows end is run by its owners and has free wifi.
5. Mexican food: El Tarasco, Baja Cantina and Cabo Cantina are all good. Cabo shows the UFC fights for free, Baja has free chips and salsa and El Tarasco is a quick in and
out. Baja Cantina has a great outdoor patio with live music on some nights.
6. Seafood/Ocean view: The Whaler has outdoor second story Ocean view dining with a great menu and full bar. The seafood platter is incredible.
7. Cuban food: Mercedeʼs Grille. Lots of authentic cuban choices and some American ones as well. Full bar, daily specials, great outdoor patio and more. By the way, the flowers on the table are hand picked by restaurant owner Mercede every Friday morning at the farmer’s market.
8. Wine- Bin 43. Located right next to Mercedeʼs, Bin 43 has a deep wine roster and $3 and $5 snacks as well. Very cool.
9. Early Happy Hour- The Terrace. Happy Hour starts at 3:00 p.m. here! Good food, full bar and an outdoor patio.



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