There is so much to do in Venice daily. Here are a few activities I suggest you try: (Click on any one of the desired activities below to get more info.)

 Visit Muscle Beach Gym.

The paddle tennis, handball courts, volleyball courts, boxing, and gymnastic areas, as well as the basketball courts (made famous by movies such as White Man Can’t Jump and American History X) are available free to the public.

If that isn’t enough to get the blood pumping, try biking or skating the bike path. If you go north on the path you will head into Santa Monica and into Pacific Pallisades. Go south, and you can ride all the way from Marina Del Rey to the Palos Verdes peninsula (Tip: Once in Marina Del Rey there is a slight inland detour. Otherwise, the path runs 17 miles directly by the sand). Bike and Skate rental shops are available up and down the boardwalk.

 You must visit the world famous Venice Skate Park.

Are you a rollerskating enthusiast? Did you ever go to disco night at a rollerskating or ice skating rink? Well visit Venice’s own rollerskating park on a weekend day. There is a DJ spinning records and people skating to choreographed dances. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your own skates because their are Bike and Skate rental shops available up and down the boardwalk.

More suggestions? Head to the beach. Surf, swim, boogie board and splash around in the Pacific Ocean. Go for a deep sand run or power walk in ankle deep water. Keep an eye out for dolphins and seals. Surf instruction as well as surf and boogie board rentals are also available from local vendors.

>Check out the Publice Art Walls. Visit the walls often as they change weekly. As soon as one artist finishes his/her masterpiece another comes and clears the canvas to start on his/her own.

Visit the Venice Boardwalk Area Murals. Another thing you might want to do is to visit the Venice Canals. Directions: Starting at Muscle Beach Gym, head south on the boardwalk, take a left on South Venice, past the street lights, which will be Pacific Ave and travel one more block past Strongs Ave. Keep your eyes over your right shoulder and bamn you will witness one of Venice’s beautiful getaways. Tip: Bring bread to feed the ducks. They are expecting it.

Check out the Children’s Park. For your canine children, visit the Westminster Dog Park and meet the local dogs. Tip: Dogs prohibited on Ocean Front Walk 11 AM to 8pm Sat., Sun. & holidays memorial day through Labor Day.

If you are in Venice on a weekend day, stick around even after the sun goes down, because at the end of Brooks Ave. on the beach, hundreds of people gather at the Venice drum circle with their drums, shakers, congas, percussions and their dancing feet. If you can’t find Brooks Ave, just listen and you will hear their beats. This gathering of different types of people from different parts of the world drumming, dancing, getting into the zone and feeding off other people’s energies is a must thing to do while in Venice. Visit the Drum Circle!

If you are a shopper or love to browse, the Venice Boardwalk is filled with everything and anything you can imagine and more. On the east side of the boardwalk you can find Venice tees, fashion clothing, jewelery, furniture, etc. The west side of the boardwalk is dominated by artists from around the world that come to Venice to exhibit their works. It’s like an outdoor market where you can sometimes barter the costs of goods. Artists offer original sculptures, paintings, poetry, photographs and sketches, etc. You’ll find the neatest things in Venice, such as paintings on spoons, endearing poems on cardboard or recycled trash turned into art. Take a moment to enjoy a performance by one of the boardwalk performers . We have performers eating fire, walking on glass, singing, break dancing, standing on stilts while juggling very large knives, singing, playing instruments and more. As well, stop and take a moment to listen to the newest sounds and beats from one of our Local Venice Artists.

Venice is more then just the boardwalk. Don’t forget to visit the rest of our eclectic and artsy neighborhood; Abbot Kinney Blvd, Washington Blvd, Lincoln Blvd and Rose Ave. for boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

The night life in Venice is amazing. Burlesque shows, live music, dancing, art openings and more.

During the summer the sun sets over the Santa Monica mountains while during the winter the sun sets over the sea, no matter what time you see it they are all breathtaking an event contain within thee. Check out Hotel Erwin’s rooftop high with 360 degree view of Venice and Los Angeles. It is like another world up there. Very beautiful

Bring an appetite when you visit. Venice offers dishes from around the world . We have Mexican, American, Chinese, Argentinian, Greek, etc. Vegetarians, don’t worry there are establishments that cater to you as well.

Other suggestions would be to get a henna or real tattoo, a body piercing, a $40 massage at Lamai Thai massage, facial, a reading from a tarot reader or psychic, and/or put beads in your hair. Venice has something for everyone.

Lastly, Venice is a great place to people watch. Really, who needs a T.V when you can come to Venice. Keep on eye out for the rich and famous. Also, meet the people of Venice via photos, the eclectic, fun, free spirited bunch of misfits whom have made Venice their home. On that note come to Venice unshaven, your hair down, breathe and relax. We are all equals here.

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